“Art restoration” can be hard to define. It can mean different things to different people. Some think of artists ‘slapping paint around’ to refresh an image, but that’s not what a conservator does. As conservators we are mostly interested in “conserving” what is original in the artwork.

Whatever you know about art restoration, at Parma, it begins with respect. With artwork, complex interactions between materials, solvents, pigments, mediums, veiling layers, substrates, varnish and damage are virtually endless.  A conservator must unpack all of this, precisely expose the original, correct for damage and do no harm. That’s why proper art restoration takes years of benchwork and training to do well.

At Parma, great art restoration starts with a dose of humility. We want to do what is best for the artwork. Our compensations are as minimal as possible, for example, so that more of the original can be conserved and enjoyed. We trust that our measured approach, informed by experience, ensures the very best results for your artwork.

Painting Restoration


With age paintings can darken, varnish can yellow and dirt can accumulate. Water exposure, human negligence, and even poor former restoration can damage paintings. Fortunately, through proper conservation techniques, even paintings that appear to be ruined can be saved.

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Mural restoration


Parma offers a full line of mural restoration services. Working from coast-to-coast, we have conserved hundreds of murals from museums, churches, courthouses, public schools, libraries and homes. Historic murals are precious and they need to be saved.

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Art Restoration Videos

Minnesota State Capitol

Parma traveled to St. Paul, MN to conserve four Supreme Court murals painted by the “grandfather” of the mural movement in America, John La Farge.

“…Its a wonder to reveal the work of the original artist, La Farge…” -Mary Lahammer, PBS Almanac

video credit: Almanac- Twin Cities PBS

The Playroom Mural

The conservation of the Playroom mural in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park home.  The mural was designed by Wright and painted by Chicago artist, Charles Corwin.

“The results of the conservation are dramatic.” -Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

video credit: Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Blackstone Library Murals

The conservation of historic murals at the Blackstone Memorial Library, one of the jewels of the Chicago Public Library system.

“To have our 1904 branch library and its mural glistening like this is really beautiful for us.” – Mary Dempsey, Comm’r, Chicago Public Library

video credit: Chicago Works- Chicago TV

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church

The conservation of a century old masterpiece: “The Triumph of the Risen Christ” by Thaddeus Zukotynski, 1899.  

“…The Church feels like its been reborn. Its like a new Church.” -Fr. Anthony Bus, C.R. -Pastor, St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish

video credit: Chicago Sun Times

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