Additional Works

Architectural Art

Parma works with architects, preservation officers, restoration firms, and private clients who have architectural art in need of preservation. Parma provides historic paint analysis, feasibility studies, and proposals for recovering historic paint finishes and decorations which have been painted over, damaged, or obscured by time. As with all fine art, this work should only be entrusted to an experienced conservator who understands both the original materials that were used, and the unoriginal materials that need to be removed, such as an overpaint. Architectural art may include murals, trompe l’oeil, decorative stencil work, faux marble, secco murals, hand painted wallpaper, and handpainted wood.

Works on Paper

Works of art on paper face many types of damage and deterioration. Dirt and grime, stains, foxing, holes and tears, creases or folds, and mold can all affect the appearance and longevity of an artwork. Almost all types of damage, however, can be stabilized and repaired, increasing the life of the object.

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