• Facility: 8,000 square feet
  • Climate Controlled
  • Racked Storage: 42,000 cu. ft.
  • Hydroxyl Deodorization: 5,160 cu. ft.
  • Largest Vacuum Table: 8′ x 16′
  • Custom 10′ x 30′ Mechanical Easel
  • Computerized Mat Cutter
  • Industrial Charcoal Air Cleaners
  • Medical X-ray Unit: paintings/objects
  • Infrared Vidicon System
  • Surgical Microscopes
  • Near Infrared Imaging
  • Ultraviolet Imaging
  • Microscopic Photography


Elizabeth Kendall is the founder and Director of Parma Conservation.  Her career began in Italy, where she trained and worked in painting and mural conservation for fifteen years. With particular expertise in paintings and frescoes, she has been conserving artwork for over thirty-five years.

After earning a diploma in painting conservation from LInstituto per L’Arte e Restauro in Florence, she apprenticed with Prof. Edo Masini, the technical director of conservation at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure. Between 1985-1995, she was employed to work on conservation projects overseen by the Italian Soprintendenza.

Included in her resume are the paintings by Velazques and Federico Barocci damaged in the 1993 Uffizi bombing; the Byzantine frescoes in the Battistero of Parma; the frescoes by Correggio in the Cupola of San Giovanni, Parma; the frescoes in Parma’s Duomo by Lattanzio Gambara; paintings by Andrea del Sarto, and numerous fresco cycles in castles and villas throughout Italy.

Your Experienced Conservation Team

Parma’s staff has decades of experience working on paintings, frescoes, historic murals, flatwork, frames and other special projects.  Parma draws on the knowledge, talents, and experience of each member of its staff, working together as a team.

Peter Schoenmann

Director, Sr. Conservator

  • Co-Founded laboratory in 1999
  • Painting Conservation
  • Mural Conservation
  • Radiographs
  • Infrared Imaging

Ewa Devereux

Senior Conservator

  • Joined laboratory in 2005
  • Painting Conservation
  • Mural Conservation
  • Frame Conservation
  • AIC Professional Associate

John Salhus

Senior Conservator

  • Joined laboratory in 2003
  • Painting Conservation
  • Mural Conservation
  • Radiographs
  • Equipment Design and Fabrication



Request a Consultation or Assessment

Have a piece of art or collection in need of attention?  We’d love to help.

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