Blackstone Memorial Library

Blackstone Memorial Library

The Blackstone Memorial Library houses one of the jewels of Chicago’s artistic past; a small cupola of beautiful gilt moldings and magnificent murals painted by the celebrated artist, Oliver Dennett Grover. Placed in the cupola lunettes, these paintings feature the themes of art, literature, science and labor.

In 2009, Parma brought the historic murals back to their original beauty. The most challenging part of the project was removing an alkyd varnish, a coating intended for furniture. This varnish, applied in 1958, had darkened tremendously over time. Its removal revealed the true dramatic palette of the artist and details that had not been seen for decades.

Oliver Dennet Grover
“Art, Literature, Science, Labor”
Oil on Canvas
8.5′ x 11′

“Labor” before, during, and after conservation

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Marian and Leon Depres Architectural Preservation Award

Architectural Preservation Award

  • Date February 20, 2018
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